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Most all beginners should first ask themselves whether they’re going to want a traditional acoustic, or a stringed one.

As it happens, the traditional acoustic (also called “classical”) has been in decline for the last 50 years. But the stringed stringed acoustic also has the advantage of being a very affordable instrument, especially when compared with that lovely classical guitar-style guitar that you can find in the shops.

Most of the stringed instruments you will find are either made in China, or they are very cheap. So if you like an instrument made in Germany, or Finland, or anywhere in continental Europe, you may be stuck with the traditional instrument you got at an international festival for half a day, as nothing more modern comes to the market at that price! If you have no idea about how to start, try looking at a few great acoustic guitars on amazon, or just go out to get a few guitars at a local guitar shop.

There really isn’t any standard, or best way, to look at a guitar, even if you are an avid collector or the owner of a particularly good set of players. We’re going to try to cover it all in this article.

I’ll start off with these links to acoustic guitars you can buy in the shops:

The “Harmonic” (Stringed Electric)

I just wanted to mention here that the “harmonic” guitar is not a guitar as such, it is just a guitar that is played in an acoustic manner, either in a small band studio or at home (or at least in a small bar). This is not a true electric guitar – the strings are plugged into one of the guitar’s standard guitar pickups.

We may have a bit of an issue here with the term “harmonic” itself though. The whole concept of it sounds almost too simplistic – but as you will see below, the concept holds true for a lot of electric guitars and not just stringed electric guitars.

This style of guitar is fairly popular and is the one I use my most, usually in a bar, or just with friends. If you think I’m talking nonsense, read my article on how to create a melodic, jazz style line on this style of guitar, and you’ll see why.

Also, note that there are a lot of types of guitars, both traditional and stringed, but here we’ll focus on the traditional type. In fact, this page includes pictures for

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