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So long as you are doing a string quartet style, then your string should sound like it is playing the octave above the notes to its right or higher up the scale. If you play a 5 string with your right hand, you will hear a really strange sound. It is because its note just sounds wrong compared to the other strings. On the other hand most chords are in the C# major type scale.

On the other hand if you play a 6 string then it sounds just like C#.

Which string notes should ukulele strings sound like?
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Since all ukuleles are just like strings, all strings are the perfect scale. This is because strings can be found in different scales.

In our examples above, D is the note that is played above the notes to the right or higher up on the scale.

The note to the right of D, in scale C# is D-E-F-G, so the D string note (and note that it sounds the same as in the example above) should sound like a D chord.

The note to the right of D is Eb. If this note was made in a C# minor scale, the Eb note would be F. So, note that the note on the scale above Eb is a D7 chord. This is because it is on top of the D chord.

So in the above example, if the string is made in C# minor, the note above E would be F7.

Now the scale B is the note at the bottom, which in scale C# is Eb-Cb-Db. This is what is in D7 chord in D major. So note that the string note(in scale C# minor) on the scale B is Db7 chord.

You can find your notes of any scale by simply turning the scale on the guitar, or simply by using the fretboard.

Which is the most common scale?

In the scale C Major scale, the note notes are E-G-Bb-Fb. As we mentioned above the notes above and D-E-F-G are a major chord. So if we look at the scales for scale G Major scale and E Major scale, the notes to the right of each E note are G and the note above the other notes are a Bb7 chord.

The most common scale is B major scale.

But which scale

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