What should I practice on ukulele? – How To Play The Ukulele For Kids

Learn some basics, don’t feel bad that you did something wrong

Use your hand or fingers more than the tip – they need to be smooth and soft.

Don’t fret too much in the bridge and string-wise. You are going for a smooth and even sound.

Don’t fret overtones but just a note, so that you can make all the note on the ukulele.

The more you practice and play, the more you will be able to adjust the feel.

The Baritone Ukulele Chord Bible: DGBE Standard Tuning ...
What should I practice without the music?

Learn some guitar chords and learn to play them.

Try to learn the chord tones as they are so you can get the most from your playing.

Play scales.

Work on your fingers – when you can’t play your fingernails will not really matter as long as you are able to play the same notes and chords that you are.

There are many ways to practice on a ukulele, try to apply a pattern so you know how to play it.

Do something for yourself when you are not practising and you are happy with your sound.

If you play in a group, you’re much more likely to succeed.

Why is it called the ukulele?

First, because ukuleles used to be more popular in the past, so this is called the “old” ukulele.

Second, the fact ukuleles were developed long before other instruments so the term “ukulele” can be an insult to the instrument now.

What is the ukulele like?

It has a low sound which does not sound nice on most instruments.

This means that only few people like it, so keep it to the ones who like to play it to.

Is there any instrument whose sound is similar to the ukulele?

Yes, the clarinet is the most similar instrument to the ukulele.

Is it too hard to play?

Yes, but you don’t need to be a pro to play the ukulele.

You can learn it in a week by practising on ukulele or by learning it on guitar or anything else.

You can try to play it on guitar, as this is how they are played today, but don’t think about that it is not the best.


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