What kind of ukulele should I buy? – Do You Strum All The Strings On A Ukulele

For me the best ukulele is the one which meets the requirements for performance, comfort, tone, and value. There are plenty of models around which all of those criteria are fairly important. Most of them are fairly cheap and not too expensive so it doesn’t feel like you’re actually missing out on a considerable amount if you pick the wrong one. So, which ones should you buy.

Most of the ukulele manufacturers have several models, but there are some specialisations which are more specialised and can give you a pretty good idea of what your particular needs are, especially if you plan to play many songs. So, I’ve listed down the different models in this review.

Here’s a table which I have compiled to help you choose a good looking ukulele (from a range of prices), and to compare the different models from different manufacturers.

Here’s how the different instruments are measured to see if you’ll find the ukulele you want.

The tables are in the order you can read them, so the first table deals with all strings, and the second table deals with frets, tunings, colours, finishes, materials, materials for the body (and the neck), etc. It’s all quite complex and not necessarily easy to follow at first glance.

As for the prices, the ones for instruments will vary depending on the manufacturer, but also the price of the tuners, strings, tuners’ covers, etc. And that’s just the basics. There’s so many more details and options involved. Just check out our guide on the different models of ukuleles and you can see why I’m convinced that all of us in the “cheap” price range actually want some ukulele and would recommend that you don’t take a chance!

What instruments are available for different prices?

tuning - What notes on the piano do the Ukulele strings ...
There’s lots of different models of ukuleles out there, and they all differ in details and prices depending on what they’re made of (string) and the features they have, so you won’t always find a cheaper model in some shops. What I have listed below, in no particular order, is what’s currently available, as well as what I would expect to be on the market and also possible prices I’d be happy with to buy any of the following models. As a quick comparison, here are the features we like in a decent ukulele to be a top performer:

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