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C is actually pretty hard to find on ukulele. The reason being that ukulele is a very popular instrument.

Many times musicians who have had some experience playing on C will tell you that it just doesn’t suit them, but on others’ opinion it can very useful to play on C. Many music students who have played Ukulele with a great many teachers will tell you that the quality of ukulele is just a bit better than C-A note.

There are also various other reasons why ukulele is more suitable for practicing than C, but for now I will focus on the above reasons

Why are ukulele chords different than on ukulele?

One thing which is really hard to understand is that ukulele chords are different from ukulele chords on ukulele. Ukulele chords can be played on ukulele, but there is a difference between playing C-A and playing C-D as for one is an A, the other is a D.

Let’s look at it a bit more clearly


C C#-5 Eb-5 Bb5 C D b3-5 b7-5 bb3-5-5 c5 D#-5 C A-4-5 A2-5 C-5

C is an odd note type. C is a C-G with no real note between C and G – just a note of the shape Bb.


What this means is that your C chords are all A-G followed by a couple of Bs or Bb-s.


Now let’s have a look at a C-Bb-Eb-D chord.

A B D E Eb

Bb7 is not a C-D chord, and it doesn’t have the same B-B-E-G feeling which is what ukulele players love to hear.

You also don’t get some Bb-s sound in the chord, instead you get D-E-Gs.

As for A-B-G-E, if a C chord isn’t a D-E-G-G chord what is it? If you play chord A-B, you get something which can be played A-D-C-E-G or A-D-E-

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