What is the easiest musical instrument to play? – Different C Chords On Ukulele

What is the least difficult one you can play? If you answered by either “A”) one of the following four, you can play a real instrument without the need of a music-stand. If you answered with “B”), two of the following four, you can play an actual instrument without a music stand. Let’s begin!

Harmonica. (This one is pretty self-explanatory…except that you can hear some bass chords on every Harmonica song of all time, including “My Old Man” and “The Stranger”).

Cello. What’s your favorite style of music? (For most of my life, I was a “classically trained” musician, with a minor instrument of every style. I had a saxophone that I learned to play, but was too “stale” to play any kind of modern music…except classical. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living and working in the world of classical music, it’s that music is very much in a constant process of evolution. The same piece of equipment that was developed from one era may not be played the same in the same way on the next! (I’ve been playing this instrument for over 20 years now, and am looking forward to the day when some of the styles become obsolete without even making a backwards-incompatible change. To me, “Modern Classical” is merely a style that includes the more modern pieces and more modern instrumentation. I would still consider myself a “Classic Artist” in my own eyes, but I’d play this music with nothing more than a basic set of instruments, and that is all I can offer you,
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Drums. What kind of music do you listen to when you’re “thinking about recording?” Do you play an instrument of any sort, or just like “a mellow mix of what you listen to” (as an old pro put it?).

Horns. (I believe you really just have to want an instrument that sounds like this. I’m not sure I have that wish). What is the single most common form of noise that you hear in the recording studio, in the mixing room, or outside, right now? How are you taking control of your recordings?

Bass. What’s your preference of instrument? (You’d be surprised by the number of questions that I would get, and a lot of you would say that you’re not sure!)

Tambourine. What about instruments you’ve played?

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