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When I was a kid I had to learn how to play the flute on the subway and play a little bit of music, just to get the sound. I have a great musical memory. So at first just to go and go and go, and then, later on, to work it out and see where this stuff goes.

What is it about playing with a flute that creates this sensation within your playing?

Well, actually my music has a lot less of an ukulele quality. I’m not exactly saying to myself that I’m a jazz ukulele player, and yet it’s so much more of a musical journey. I’m trying to write things that really tell you who I am and what my life is about.

The ukulele is a very expressive instrument and it can change the rhythm of a song. It can actually move you. It’s a lot of fun and it really moves me. You need to do something a bit different with it.

What was the first album that you played with a band at the age of 19?

I remember listening to Miles Davis albums a lot, in fact I’m actually quite fond of Miles Davis records, because I’ve been listening a lot to jazz and I’m a bit of a jazz-flautist, but I think he had the best band ever, to my way of thinking.

It was ‘I’m Going to Tango with You’ by Miles Davis and it was very exciting and fun because it was a very small band and we did our own thing with it, the band was really small on the record, it was like one man playing guitar and keyboards, and then it had the two drummers. So it was much more improvisational than what most people know, very little direction, it was just us jamming together.

What was your reaction when you first got your ukulele after being introduced to it? What was the first musical experience that caught your ear?

I had no idea, actually I had never heard a ukulele. I was playing a lot of jazz and stuff like that as a young kid (laughs). And as for the first musical experience, I don’t know if you can really relate to that because I didn’t know, I knew a guitar and I was playing around a little bit as a kid, but when I was 14 I found out that I could play the guitar like a little bit. So you

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