What finger do you strum a ukulele with? – Learn The Guitar Free

A: In most cases, I play a finger one time (like one hand), but I can strum a fingi four or five times and then go back to the same one finger.

Q: What strings can you play to do a ukulele?

A: You can play a ukulele the way that we all do, which is a regular tuning, you put all the notes that belong to one chord and then you play a series of strings. It’s a very easy way of playing that we’ve gotten good at (laughs), you can do it with all a string.

Q: Can you play a ukulele using a violin?

A: I play a guitar and a ukulele using my instrument. They’re so different. I don’t even think much about what I’m going to play. All I would know is to take my instrument and play some chords on that. I don’t think that’s what anyone would really want to do with an instrument, to have the entire instrument and then have people get up and play. But they can, they can play the piano and they can play the ukulele.

Q: How do you take your instrument apart?

A: Well, I do it on one of those tables, and I would go and make certain adjustments as I went. And I would put it into these little boxes. Then I would put a screwdriver inside the case and I would turn it until I would find that one particular spot. Sometimes it would be a little bit loose, because sometimes one of the holes in the case didn’t get all the way tight. So, I put another screwdriver there, and after that I would put a little bit of steel wool on the bottom of the case and then I would just work with that and then I’d keep trying to get it tighter. But then it would break off on me. And then I would just put them into their little boxes again and work with it, and that’s how I usually fix them.

Some of the old cases can be seen at the Nashville National Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. © 2016 American Music Museum, Nashville, Tenn. All rights reserved.

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