What do you call someone that plays the ukulele? – Coursera Ukulele

What exactly does that mean?

My boyfriend plays the ukulele. We’re actually good friends. He’s such a great musician and this is like his first real instrument. He’s one of the few music-lovers that I really get to hang out with. I think I am the only female musician I know to be that good at an instrument. He’s so talented.

What’s your process with ukulele music in the studio?

The first thing you need is to get an idea. You want to make music for yourself, but you don’t want to make music for someone else, you just want to make music for yourself. You always want to have two or three songs in the bag. The first thing we tend to do is I’ll have a guitar in-house, and I’ll say, “Here’s the chords, let’s try these chords.” One of my favorite bassists, who I love playing with, plays this really nice bass line, and I’ll sing the other two chords, and he’ll do it. But then, as soon as the bass goes in-house, the next thing I do is I’ll start jamming with a real ukulele and get to know those things a little bit better.

Does playing ukulele music feel different from other types of music?

I think it depends on how far into the song you want to go with it, and when you find that moment of what you want, that’s how you end up doing your thing. One of my favorite things about playing is the fact that nobody else can hear you and that it sounds like you’re being played by a band—maybe they have a real acoustic bass or something. A lot of times, we’re playing in our kitchen; we have a ukulele and a tambourine in-house from one of the local small towns and all our songs, especially the stuff I play live, ends up sounding like we’re playing in a tavern or something. You can come up with a song with a different chord progression, it sounds better because a band or a radio DJ is playing it. It sounds good on a radio, but that’s the sound of it, not how it sounds in our kitchen.

Do you have any favorite songs that were played in ukulele?

I can’t tell you. I think if we play the same song over and over with an ukulele sound and

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