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(CNN) It started with the usual: People asked, “Should we ban all burqas?”

But as the debate between those advocating an outright ban and others hoping to keep them a little more secret raged on Thursday, it turned into a full-on media spectacle.

From CNN’s Jessica Yellin, who posed the question on her “New Day” show with a question about “women and the burqa,” a discussion about how to keep the garments from being worn by women at all.

On Fox News , a host of guests on “Special Report” debated the merits of a “Muslim ban.”

In all four of these instances, we’re talking about how those on the other side of the issue — whether on the right or left — want to see women more protected by their clothing.

And this goes to the heart of the most contentious issue facing the nation in 2016: Women’s rights and what constitutes “freedom” in society.

Burqas, niqabs and burqa bans: What we know so far

A burqa bans you

Burqas, or veils under the face cover, have become a focus for both sides of the debate — and it all got started with a tweet.

“Allahu Akhbar” could be heard on air at Fox News, though that might have been the product of a prank by the network’s news director, Suzanne Scott.

She tweeted: “Allahu Akhbar is the call to prayer from Islam’s holy book. Is this all you think a Muslim should cover up? #Berserk.”

The reaction was immediate.

“It was just a Twitter joke, apparently,” Scott said Thursday on CNN. “It was just something to make fun of that.”

“It was funny … I thought it was a joke and I wasn’t taking it seriously.”
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As the debate heated up, so, too, did the controversy.

Burqas ban is not only a cultural issue, it is personal for some of the

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