Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Learn To Love Again Ukulele Chords Easy

Well, you can pick the pick from the ukulele’s body. You will need a pick with the right diameter to reach the tuners. The ukulele tuners are on the sides of the mouthpiece. If not the pick will need to be replaced at the bridge to make room for the tuner.

How do I clean the pick pick out of its protective layer?

You can soak it in water for a good ten minutes. It is best to clean the pick by wiping it onto a soft rag. If it is damp, you need to let it dry out with the air-conditioner. If it is damp it is likely to dry out even faster.

I don’t like a light pick. Do I need a light pick?

If you pick heavier strings the pick may not be as bright or transparent. If it is too bright, it is likely to scratch the strings on your uke.

How do I avoid picking up scratches on my uke?

Use a non-scratchy fingernail polish. Scratchy fingernails can pick up scuffs and dings from metal, and even paint on your uke. They have a harder coating, so the friction removes as little scratch as possible. Make sure they aren’t coated with some kind of oil or other material that absorbs the moisture so that the cleaner dries up quickly and doesn’t stick to the wood.

Are pick picks comfortable to use on my uke?

Most ukulele pick picks are designed for the ukulele. Some ukulele pick makers make pick picks for the guitar (they are called pick fingers, pick picks) so you can pick your ukulele. In addition, there are pick picks, which are not designed for the ukulele, and one that is designed for the ukulele only and can be used on the guitar (you can’t use pick fingers on the guitar).
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Will they wear out after a long practice session?

It depends if you’re a beginner or not. Most ukulele pick owners will practice for 20 to 30 minutes at most, but some people practice for hours as well. It can get very hot in the instrument shop working on the uke, so make sure you don’t sweat too much or get too hot.

Will a pick pick really scratch anything?

No, no pick will scratch any wood

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