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There is a tendency to go for the ‘right’ way of playing if you can think of the ukulele as a guitar or bass. This is understandable, since ukulele is similar to bass. It’s best to avoid an electric ukulele that has been treated chemically with ‘guitar magnets’. A pick that’s been tuned with a tuner should not be used because the electric player will be playing a wrong note.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What is happening is not just happening in Pittsburgh, and it’s time someone was held accountable for the actions of two young men.

On September 28th, police say 21 year old James Deen was kidnapped from his home, forced to perform oral sex on a man and was tied up for two days. Then he was released with no money or phone.

“I just wanted him back. I just thought he was fine,” said the victim’s mother, Debbie Deen.

But it was not.

Police say they are questioning a 26 year old man who said it is actually Deen who raped him during the abduction.

“I was very, very angry. I was very, very distraught, I felt bad now that I was looking for my son back. I felt bad for the other woman. She was crying,” she said. “No matter what happened, I wanted him home.”

Deen had been arrested earlier that week for allegedly assaulting a woman during a robbery.

“I do not blame him. He made a choice. This was not what was in his mind at all. He chose to walk up the hill up there,” Debbie Deen explained.

Debbie Deen said she doesn’t want her son to face charges, but she does blame him for the kidnapping.

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“I think he should never have been out with that man. You have no idea what would have happened if that man had not seen him so he said, ‘You know what, I’m not taking a risk with him,'” said her son.

For the past five days, family members don’t know for sure where they are and who they’re with.

“I have no idea. I’m not out. I’m with my family right now. It’s really unfortunate,” she said.

She believes the case is a lot more about money than she has ever seen in her life.

“It’s pretty sad

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