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A: We want you to make an effort to get a ukulele. If you are not interested in learning a new instrument, we encourage you to get a nice pair of inexpensive instruments to practice with.

Q: What is ukulele chord voicings?

A – I have made a little video for this one as well:

Q: There are several Ukulele books with a lot of chord voicings. What is the difference between a simple uke fingerings and a more complex chord voicings?

A: First of all, the difference between a simple voicings and a more complex chord voicings is that there are only one or two open chord sounds that each person can play. For example, a simple uke fingerings, would be:

C – C G F# G

D – D G C# (or whatever major or minor scales)

E – E F# G Em
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G – G C C# (or whatever Dorian scale you know and love)

A A Bb D

B – Bb F# C Ab

In theory it should be that easy, but really, it is far more complex than that and is not as simple as it first appears to be; The first thing to know is that there are chord tones that can go in and out of both C and D. You can also find some tricky chord sounds in D and C, though, that really doesn’t fit with the sound of the uke fingerings.

The important part is that there are four chord tones in D and four chord tones in C, so this is really a “pick and strum” pattern. There exists one chord sound in C and three chord sounds in D that all come out the same, so that’s another way to phrase it. There are four chord tones in C and four chord sounds in D that all come out the same. If you learn these four sounds in a certain order in your mind, you should be able to figure what chord tones are in other keys, and from there you should be able to figure out the rest.

So if you try to pull too many chord tones out of one thing, it will look like you are trying to learn a whole new tuning. You don’t even have to learn the chord tones, it will come naturally to you.

Q: How do you learn ukulele chords?

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