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Well, for one thing, you’re not the one going to be sitting in another person’s living room at 3 AM. So, for your safety, you might make the choice to get a tenor.

How do all these instruments fit together?

They’re actually pretty good at being music together. For starters, you’ll notice that they have pretty similar tone qualities and timbre, so you’re pretty well-versed in having the right instrument in your bag. You’ll notice them similar to having a guitar, a keyboard, or both a guitar and a keyboard in your bag – because they’re all supposed to sound similar.

If you want to hear your strings, feel them play together. A tenor is not going to sound the same as a bass. A bass is not going to sound the same as a marimba. They’re all made for different things. It’s great that Tenor was able to create a product with a great sound that will suit a specific purpose.

For example, the K-CORE tenor is built to go with both a piano or with a bass. So, it sounds pretty good combined with your instrument to complement it.

How does the sound of a piano fit into this? Do I have to use the Tenor model?

Yes. The Tenor pianos are designed to go with the Tenor strings, so if you’re looking for a piano, there’s a Tenor model. You need to know how to use those. A Tenor is perfect for a tenor player.

Can I use a Tenor instrument with a marimba?

Yes! You can use a Tenor piano (or even a Tenor strings) alongside a Tenor marimba for a more authentic sound. Because the Tenor violin is an instrument made with marimba, the sound itself will be different than that of a Tenor marimba – so you won’t hear the same sound when you play the Piano-Marmuba combo.

The Tenor piano will sound fantastic, and with the help of its Tenor strings it sounds like an actual marimba, so the sound of a Tenor piano should be exactly the same as a Tenor marimba.

Can I use instruments on the Tenor website?

Yes! Go to the Tenor store. Then, use the piano link to make a reservation to check-in a Tenor Tenor