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We also have a number of different sizes for soprano and concert ukuleles. We also have a number of different sizes for soprano and concert ukuleles.

What’s the difference between soprano, concert ukulele and viola?

You’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities between our ukuleles. The ukuleles all have the same contoured glass body and a stringed top. Some of them will have the same number of strings, others may have more, and all are made of a single piece of glass. The ukuleles all have the same weight.

What’s the difference in design between a flute and ukulele?

As long as it’s both played like a flute and played like a ukulele, they are basically the same instrument. However, the differences between a flute and ukulele may include the length and width of the tubes between the strings, or maybe even the use of different materials for the flutes/ukuleles.

One of our customers with a flute that he can get out of a museum was told by the seller that the ukulele makers used a special plastic tube called a bib, that you can see at left.

Our ukuleles come with:

1 x 16″ Cane Tab

2 x 16″ Cane Tab

2 x 16″ Folding Cane Tab

1 x 32″ Tab

2 x 16″ Tab

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