Is ukulele better than guitar? – How To Tune The Ukulele

Not really. You don’t need to play anything more complex than standard 6/8 time.

And the main reason to choose ukulele is that it’s cheaper than guitar and plays in 4/4 time, and that it sounds better than guitar.

This is not only based on the fact that ukulele is cheaper than guitar, it’s also based on the fact that ukulele has that “hiss” sound which other instruments can’t do.

To be honest, when you try playing ukulele, it sounds like the guitar you play.

I used to hate that sound, so I went on a serious ukulele-studio-tour. I bought two ukuleles for $1 each. One for each hand, and they became very useful. After going on this tour and playing a lot, I got used to the sound and can’t stop playing one.

So you can choose to spend a whole day in a studio, in order to sound like ukulele, but you can also spend a whole day on a regular uukulele-studio-tour playing just this one instrument on your own time. You won’t learn anything, and you wouldn’t have to spend a whole month on a whole different ukulele-studio-tour, either.

But I guess the reason that ukulele has that “hiss” sound is not just based on the amount of wood you have to have. When it comes to the sounds of ukulele, the more wood you have, the more the sounds become ukulele-esque.
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That sounds like a bad reason to choose ukulele over guitar, don’t it?

Just kidding, actually 🙂

Thanks for all the responses! The truth is that, yes – some of the more complex and complicated strings, which you must spend hours practicing on, sound worse in 2nd or 3rd position than when they aren’t held in 3rd position for as much time, and that sounds weird. But, you’re right – most of the 2nd position sounds of ukulele are not as pleasing as most of 2nd position sounds of guitars. This might be due to the fact that the frets you need to get the “just right” sound on are a bit smaller on the frets on ukulele than on guitars. And, of

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