Is the ukulele a good first instrument? – Ukulele Minor Chords

Probably not. While the ukulele has its place at weddings and other community events, and it could play in church hallways during mass, it will never serve as my personal instrument of choice.

To be honest, when I have been performing I have almost always played an electric guitar. It’s got the “fun factor” that makes it such a suitable instrument for me personally. It is my passion and my calling that makes it an instrument that I have become so dedicated to.

Why did you decide to create this collection of instruments for ukulele players?

Firstly, the ukulele is one of my favourite instruments that I get to use everyday. Secondly, the ukulele is a fantastic teaching instrument for beginners. This is because it has the power of all four hands. It is all you have to learn. It does not take very long. And it can be played in many different positions throughout the whole song. So when I teach a song and I am trying to demonstrate a scale, I have no trouble demonstrating a “simple” rhythm section using a ukulele. And when I play an ascending and descending chord, I can take care of both without having to worry about the lower notes. This makes this instrument a perfect tool for developing both singing and guitar skills. For example, I have often used my ukulele to teach people to perform a melody line for a song by making it up as I go along. And, as is often the case with new musicians, they have not been taught how to play an ascending and descending chord properly. After all, these are the two hardest chords to do. Now that I have been working on this project for a while I am amazed at how many good ideas I have come up with that you have never heard before.
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What are some of the most common problems young musicians face when learning the ukulele?

The simplest and most important thing is that you need to do a lot of practice. There are too many lessons on the Web and too many bad people and teachers. The good thing is that if you start practicing in the right way, your fingers will begin to get better faster. And that is why I don’t have that many new players. I have had players come up to me and say that they have learned the ukulele, but they just are not able to get the rhythm of the line down. Then I get to the very bottom of the song and

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