Is the ukulele a good first instrument? – Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Class

It wasn’t the first one for me. I had a kazoo, a saxophone, and a clarinet in my early days as a child, and there’s probably a dozen or so instruments I’ve played. Then my parents bought me a violin when I was eight years old, and then a tuba a couple of years later. Later on, I got more and more serious — I played in a jazz band while I was at a high school in Colorado where there was a famous rock-band singer named Bob Weir. And I actually went back and studied with Jerry Garcia for quite some time, working on his music and figuring out how he approached his instrument. When he passed away, I was in his band. And for whatever reason, I began to think, “What would I do with this musical instrument if I made it my own?” And I decided to take it a step further. I started to make a guitar out of an old upright bass that I had laying around. The guitar was just the first thing I started making. In 1995, I moved back home with my wife to Colorado, and I started working on the ukulele. I had it professionally custom-worked. I also started learning a ton of harmonica technique. I began honing the sound by picking up harmonica lessons from some of the blues players that I was learning with.

My wife was pretty much against it coming home, but with the years, I’d say she slowly came around.

Have you ever wanted to write music that is more than five minutes long? Are you still working on it?

Yeah, I still am. I have two long-form pieces that I’m still working on. I always had an eye to the future, where I could use this instrument to explore some other kind of sound. It’s kind of like a new instrument for me, like I have to give it time and play it again and make it better. And at the same time, I don’t want to take myself away from music because I can’t do stuff like that.

You’re a huge guitar collector. Can you give us an overview of what you hold?

I have a few guitars I have that I think would make fine collectors items — my ukulele in particular, and of course something like that could make an interesting guitar for a guitar player, where you could make a very small collection — but it would also make an interesting guitar for a classical musician. I

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