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The only way to really know how difficult a song is is to play a bunch of them to a bunch of people. (It’s true, we haven’t always been good at this. The first recording of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was made with about six people on bass, but only four on vocals. And on “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” I was so nervous I only played the bass for three minutes.)

One way to gauge “songs’ difficulty is by how many notes the notes take to hit. The higher the difficulty, the harder it has to be. Because, well, you can’t be too nice to the people who play the chords. And you can’t be too nice to the people who think they know it all. But, you know, I like people for who they are and they’re just as valid a reason as any other. They’re just as good at singing as you are; I am sure any good guitar player will tell you that. The only problem we have with our music is that we have no lyrics, and nobody writes lyrics but ourselves. So that means we’ve got a lot of time to figure out a new thing.

So, how hard is guitar? It’s a lot harder than a piano… but you would have to be crazy to go by that.

It’s very hard, man. I played the hell out of piano before I played my first guitar, and I’m getting used to this.

It’s easier, huh?

I never thought it would be easy. I didn’t think about difficulty until about four or five, and now I do. I’m used to not playing piano any more. I’ve always played piano, though, and I still have no real problem.

So how do I get started? Where should I start?

Well, there are a lot of good places. I’m in the New York City area.

I mean, who is?

I dunno, a friend of mine, I think. I mean, we’re just like, kids, and we go everywhere together and we’ll go anywhere.

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Well, I don’t know. That sounds like good practice, though.

This is a nice place to work.

Yeah, you’ve got a lot of free time. You can work on this. If you’d like.

You should go over there.

You want me to? It’s

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