Is Oud harder than guitar? – Different C Chords On Ukulele

A: I would say easier for a musician than you would think. You just have to learn to play the parts and to write the song at the right time. But I do see a difference between playing the guitar as a solo and soloing over a rock track. When someone is playing with a guitar solo it’s very difficult and a lot of people can’t play it well. But the guitar playing over a rock track is a lot easier, especially if they get an idea that they are going to cover a song. I guess you could say it’s harder than guitar. It’s actually harder than guitar when you play through the chord changes and then you need the lead to hit the sustain the whole way through.

Q: I heard you were a guitarist in the ’60s. Do you still play guitar?

A: No, I’m now mostly playing a piano. I’ve started learning to play the guitar again, but even that is probably the easiest thing to learn. I still use a guitar but I don’t have a rock career so I don’t have any other guitars. Even a guitar with a keyboard is less trouble than a guitar with a keyboard keyboard.

Q: Do you ever use any guitars as a backup for you?

A: I didn’t until I met Jonny Greenwood when he recorded the song “Carnival” for the “The Lion King” soundtrack. Later on I bought an acoustic guitar and I had one of my best recordings ever with him. But it’s the same for me with Tom Petty as well. The way the music is in Jonny’s hands, it’s so easy for me. You just plug it in and I play it with the guitar and I find that to be an absolute joy. I don’t have a guitar in my life anymore.

Q: If something were to happen, do you think it would be a possibility for you to write songs in a different style than the ones you play now?

A: Yes, if it all changed. Yes?

Q: What would your style be?

A: I know I’m going to sound like a jerk and be really self-deprecating. It really sounds like I just want to be a little bit different. A little different in my moods, my relationships, my tastes, my outlook. I do it for myself, I don’t need no damn guitar guy telling me what to do. I want to be a different guy and

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