Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele? – Should I Learn To Play Guitar Or Ukulele First

I find it very difficult as it is, but it’s not very tough!

Is it difficult to learn to play the guitar or ukulele?

I know the guitar and ukulele!

Are there any mistakes I can make that would make my song sound more exciting? Do I have to change my lyrics or anything?

Actually most of my mistakes, my first few things I had to change my chord changes and the lyrics, but I am happy to do that, so the quality of the songs are never my main problem!

Do you like learning to play any instrument, other than the guitar?

I like learning other instruments (I still play the piano and saxophone and sing in an orchestra!), but I only play guitar, not saxophone.

Do you like to listen to different tunes together, like in “Letting You In”, “Worth It”, “Gravity’s Rainbow” and most of the songs on the albums that I have?


And I like to sing along with all of them!

Have you ever been to see an actual concert or concert band?


Well, I would love to see some, but of course, I want to spend as much time outside as possible.

How long is our session with your song “Lost In The World”?

I don’t have to be honest, it’s about 2 hours, I was talking with my guitar instructor and he said that if he would have kept it up for 2 hours, I would have gotten some kind of a sore shoulder! But I did it anyway and I really like it!

How long is our session with your song “Fantastic Girl”?

It’s about 4 hours of working, you have to come prepared, you have to know your music, and you have to play the songs perfectly!

You play the songs to perfection!

Did I mention to you that I am going to take my guitar to a new club next week, and that I need to play and show my students one hour a Wednesday, and Sunday?

I can see that there is nothing better.

Tell us about you guitar instructor:

I’m a very good guitar player, I have been playing forever, but I have never met a truly good teacher. I just play and play, and listen, and listen some more until I get it right.


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