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A woman who was caught on video allegedly taking a woman to the brink of death while committing sex acts against her will, has been jailed.

The incident took place at a house in Harrow, south west London, in June and was recorded by a woman who was there to witness it. The 33-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was seen repeatedly using a pair of blue skates, before she was forced to leave the location.

The victim was arrested as she reached the edge of the street towards a nearby bridge. She was then taken into a police van, where officers carried out a search.
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A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said the 32-year-old victim of the crime, who was identified by police only as L, had been “emotionally disturbed” by the assault and was taken into hospital for further treatment. The woman was found to be carrying a mobile phone as well as blue skates, police said. She has since been released from hospital.

Her son, who was playing in a nearby street when the incident took place, told reporters: “I was playing footy in the village and my mate asked me to go to a house, for a change.

“I went but she asked me twice if I was all right and the answer was no.

“I said ‘yes’ and the police were there.”

The man said he did not want to press charges over what happened at the house because he believed his wife and daughter were asleep at the time of the attack. He added: “My sister has got an eight-month old son but I don’t want my sister to suffer. If it had been my daughter they would be furious.”

The man described hearing screaming coming from the house as he returned to it on the other side of the street at 4.20pm. He added: “There was a man and a woman both naked. There was no-one in the street apart from the woman. I’ve heard there was two other girls but I didn’t know what they were like.”

Asked why he left so quickly, he said: “They wouldn’t listen. There were no lights.”

The spokesman said: “We are treating the incident as a sexual offence that was captured on mobile phone and CCTV.”

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