Is flute harder than violin? – Finger Placement Beginner Ukulele Chord Chart

Yes — you need a higher pitched instrument. But the flute is a wonderful instrument, particularly as a musical instrument on stage.

How far can you push the flute?

You can play the flute at any pitch from C to D, and I have found, in my experience (over 20 years! — I don’t really play very well), you can even play below C, but be sure the flute is on the lower string.

Which is harder, violin or flute?

I think it’s quite a close call. If you had to say which instrument is easier, I think it’s the flute. But it’s probably a toss up. I have to say my opinion, based on years of practice practicing flutes in the concert hall, is that the violin may actually be the easier to play!

Why do flutes sound better than other instruments?

I personally like music because I feel like it’s interesting; I enjoy learning and playing what I like to play. The sound of the flute is definitely a part of that. The sound is different, and it’s not a “glorified whistle” when it’s in the concert hall, but it does have a little bit more life to it, when you’re playing in the street. Some people have a more “natural” sound. They have a bit more “life.” Like the flute does have a little more “life.” There have been some studies done on this, trying to find out if there’s any difference between people, or different types of music, which have more and less “life” in them — which one would you choose, if you were playing? I think music makes you more interesting than most other things.”

Does flute have good sound isolation?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow for Ukulele and Cello Sheet ...

Yes, and no. There is some isolation, but it’s a very thin and low quality separation, which may be what helps make it possible to play at home with the music still very loud. The way I have it now, I have three flute microphones all playing to three different channels all at once, on the same channel. Each one can do a sound isolation level of about 100dB, but I play on my car stereo with them all going at once, and I can hear each one quite clearly (not a very high level, but I’m playing to myself). They’re all very noisy and they have nothing else to do except try to do their best in the presence of

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