Is fingerpicking harder than strumming?

It is pretty much the same concept, but strumming strings a little softer than fingerpicking will help your hands feel more responsive. Also, the way you hold the strings will cause the strings to vibrate the same ways a guitar strings vibrate, so there are lots of benefits for using that technique.

What are your main techniques?

I haven’t had a chance to practice very much since taking a break from music, but one of the things I do is a few times a week I just let my fingerpicking techniques “play” with a guitar by just playing them over the same chords and a few times, and see what I do. I never strum in public, so there’s only so much I can do with my fingers.

Other than that, I play an acoustic guitar (a G or F), strum my acoustic guitar, play an electric guitar with my pick, and an acoustic bass. I play a couple of guitar covers (mostly jazz bass players) and I like a few guitar songs (usually rock, but that’s another story).

Do you consider yourself a guitarist? If yes, when was the first time you were introduced to guitar?

I was introduced to guitar at the age of twelve, with a song by George Thorogood, Jr. (Guitar Heroes). I haven’t been very into the guitar as of late, but I was introduced to the art of soloing guitar while I played bass. I didn’t play guitar as a whole in high school, except after I left the band during a year for college. I was only in high school and college together for a few months.

Do you enjoy the classical-esque sounds of classical music? If so, which one?

I consider classical music to be one of the most popular genres out there, but not the only one. I play it to this day, but there are loads of other genres I enjoy including jazz, pop, hard rock and rock.

Do you write your own material or listen to others’ works?

Usually I just write songs, not try to compose new pieces or arrange them. I don’t have any musical background, so there’s no need to write songs just to make it out to be something it isn’t. Sometimes I do do an instrumental version of a track I’ve written, and then put together the rest of the song from there.

What genres do you listen to most? Which one is your favorite