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I like to play a lot of kazoo (and a little jazz) when I have little free time.

So if it’s a new instrument you don’t have time to play, can you learn it by yourself?

In that case, do it at home (for a month or two) – no guitar experience essential.

What’s the difference between a mandolin and a plectrum?

A mandolin is like a guitar – it uses the neck as a soundboard and uses the strings to raise the pitch of the notes played by the fingers. (This, of course, depends upon the instrument and instrument maker).

The sound is more direct, it’s less tuneful from higher to lower, but is still not as harsh (as a guitar). The top strings are used for low strings.

In the case of plectrums – a plectrum is a flexible, self-sustaining instrument with the soundboard of a piano (or other soundboard type instrument) which can be bent or “bend to the sound” to create a larger sound from a smaller or smaller soundboard.

The sound can not only be made bigger with lower strings, it also can be made much smaller with higher strings.

Where can I learn the best songs?

All around you’ll find lots of opportunities, and it may get scary to try to choose the best songs for all situations.

Here comes the good news – most modern singers choose songs which appeal to everyone.

You just have some preferences in music, and that’s it – you can choose it.

I don’t go against my own preferences…

I also don’t give in to a singer’s demands – it’s not my job. I don’t have a “special” song in mind to sing or make an amazing music video about – it’s my life’s passion!

In general your preferences are about what you like and what you do, you can’t force people to like or like you.

For those people that do listen to and like you – you have achieved what you wanted. But it’s up to you to follow your dreams and do what you want with your musical life.

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