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The world’s most wanted man has now moved to Libya.

The leader of the North African nation of Libya, Ali Zeidan, has issued an official travel ban on the American fugitive James Foley.

The 30-year-old Australian was on board a commercial flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when its flight control intercepted a call from a number associated with Foley that could not be immediately identified.

It is thought the call was made by Foley, whose wife has said she will continue to fight in his name.

“I want him to hear me in the name of all Australians who love him and who love freedom,” Ms Foley added in a statement issued by her lawyers.

The Federal Government confirmed it received a call from the family, confirming it was on the air.

“Australia will continue to provide our full assistance to Mr Foley’s family and friends as they continue their search for him,” foreign minister Bob Carr said.

The plane carrying Mr Foley, his former editor, Australian citizen Steven Sotloff and their producer and cameraman Peter Kassig was diverted to Tripoli.

The flight was supposed to leave Amsterdam at 10.45am local time.

According to the Associated Press, Mr Foley is not believed to be on board a third plane.

It is unknown if a third American was aboard the third plane, which was a British Airways Boeing 737, or if Mr Foley was on the ground at the time.

“We’re doing every possible thing for [Mr Foley] at this point,” Foreign Minister Bob Carr said

“I don’t think Australians had any idea he was in this country.”

The US President Barack Obama has been briefed on details of the situation and will be briefed further in due course.

A US official said the US Government was providing support for the family of James Foley on a personal level.

Mr Obama will meet US Foreign Minister Bob Carr next week over the situation regarding US citizens being held in Libya.

The two ministers are expected to consult further on the situation.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday that he would be providing every assistance possible for James Foley and “the family of Steven Sotloff who are now stranded in Libya”.

Sotloff family ‘proud’ of their son

Mr Foley was found guilty of kidnapping Western hostages, including US journalist Steven Sotloff.

On Wednesday he was due to appear in court in Seattle,

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