How much should I spend on my first ukulele?

Make sure you’re taking into account the following variables:

The ukulele’s power – i.e., the speed at which your ukulele vibrates

Your ukulele’s quality – it can be acoustic, electric or a mixture of both

To determine how much to spend on your ukulele, make sure you take into account your specific needs: can you play a few chords to get into a tune and still be good at it? Are you a soloist already? Are you comfortable playing melodies, and if so, can you play solo harmonies?

A good general rule is to find out the value of an acoustic ukulele by looking at acoustic guitars and guitars without sound. To make it easier, check out some great acoustic guitar reviews at Guitar Store UK.

If you feel confident in your ukulele, it is worth making the investment. If it’s not your style, it is more cost effective to invest in a cheaper electric or acoustic instrument. In the same way a decent guitar can be a big investment, a good instrument can cost far more on the secondary market.

Why do I need to have a teaching instrument when I’m learning to play?

With the growth in school teaching and instrument learning, the demand for teaching instruments is increasing, and teachers are looking for creative ways to engage students, teach them how to play and, most especially, help them learn the guitar.

Your ukulele can be a great teaching instrument as long as you have the proper tools in place in your lesson plans to help you make them work and be enjoyable.

There are three basic ways to teach ukulele:

The traditional, hands on method where the teacher holds ukulele and teaches by playing the ukulele.

The more traditional, hands off or more traditional teacher has players practice the ukulele and then the student plays the ukulele. (This method tends to be much more time consuming.)

The online method where the student and teacher listen to each other. The online method can work well for soloists or a single instrument playing teacher as it allows each player to listen to their own playing. This will give the student lots of time during the lesson to do what they are good at: Practice the ukulele.

The online method can work well for soloists or a single instrument playing teacher as it allows each