How much is a good quality ukulele?

I can’t find a good quote for one. Do we have that much to share?

Laurie (20, English, New Zealand, retired) We do have a lot. A full-size, acoustic-equipped ukulele costs about $50 on eBay. The best ukulele is about $80.

Michele (19, Italian) I have an old fashioned electric in my garage that sounds like a trumpet and that costs about $100 here in Canada. Not too bad.

Is anyone who bought an ukulele before the last decade/year aware of the trend that they should invest in a good quality player? I see a ton of $1000 plus guitars out there. Anyone know for sure?

Alyson (16, Scottish) You will find a lot of good equipment on the market, though, especially for u kles (and the rest of Canada). My friend sold his ukulele a few years ago and brought me three others. He is a professional musician as well. He told me a guy was out there selling $1000 ukes every two months. My friend didn’t know them or their condition. They used to be in good shape, but they have deteriorated. He had some that he bought in a garage sale. I could buy some of those also. I found ukuleles in the 60s and 1970s. If you get to know people in the u kulele community, you will be surprised to hear how many people are looking for high end models, and those are hard to come by.

Can a person find a quality ukulele? I don’t know about the other questions, but I am looking for a new uke (about $350) for myself and my friends in my area. I also have friends at work who want ukes. They have had them for a few years but they don’t play well. I am asking for any advice you can give. It’s hard to find a good quality Uke now, so if I can find one cheap and work it out with my friends, we could be able to do this. Thanks for the help.

Laurie (20, English, New Zealand, retired) I have an old fashioned electric in my garage that sounds like a trumpet and that costs about $100 on eBay. Not too bad.

Do you think ukuleles are made in China? I can’t find anything online.