How much is a good quality ukulele?

We have a lot less ukuleles per capita in the UK than in the rest of Europe. As a percentage of the UK population, you can probably estimate that the quality of the ukulele is not very good by our standards, but the UK ukulele is not really a “quality” ukulele. It’s a little under 1% of the total production volume.

So what can you do when you do a search for “UK ukulele?”

We’re not sure what you need. The UK ukulele is really, really cheap – you can buy many similar instruments from small music stores across the country for pretty much nothing. Not quite what you would call quality. Some of the ukuleles available for cheaper may be fine instruments for someone looking to buy a small acoustic guitar, or to have fun with. If you like the sounds of ukulele and want to learn, that’s a good place to start. But it won’t get you as far as playing an ukulele professionally.

Where do they come from and how many are now made?

The majority of the ukules produced in the UK come from a small number of manufacturers who mainly make and sell instruments for the British market. There are also some who make ukuleles for export.

Is a ukulele made from the same parts as an acoustic guitar?

Ukuleles are a slightly different size and shape than an acoustic guitar (which is basically an electric guitar with an aluminium cover). There are two distinct shapes within the ukulele: the fingerless (sometimes called “micro”) ukulele is shorter than an acoustic guitar and generally more complex, and the finger-style ukulele has more rounded edges and a narrower body shape.

Are there different varieties of ukuleles?

Some ukuleles can produce “soundscapes” that are different depending on the parts used to make them. For example, an ukulele made from wood will sound different depending on the wood in it. If there had been no ukulele made, the wood you’d find would be the ukulele’s wood.

Where do they come from?

UK ukuleles are mostly made in Birmingham and Sheffield. However, they’re manufactured in a number of places outside of those two locations.

What quality instruments can