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What are you doing when you play ukulele?

Why do we choose this instrument?

For whom do we play ukulele?

What is a “good ukulele player’s” background?

If I have a question or need more information, how do I get to a certified ukulele teacher?

Why do we play the ukulele while driving?

How can I play a chord on a guitar or ukulele?

How can I learn how to sing in the ukulele instead of in your voice?

How can I learn to sing while playing the ukulele?

How can I perform a koto on the ukulele?

What are some of the many techniques I can apply to sing the ukulele? What is the best way to do it?

Do you have a video of you playing the ukulele? Why or why not?

What are the pros and cons of using instruments such as the ukulele, keyboard or guitar as a teaching tool?

What instrument are you playing right now? Why?

What is a common misconception about the ukulele?

Why do we use an instrument such as the ukulele?

In what country do I live?

What is a ukulele music theory quiz?

How is an instrument like the ukulele more appropriate for a musical career than a guitar or any other kind of instrument?

Do you have any tips about how to play the ukulele with comfort and ease?

Tell me about your favorite ukulele lessons and how you have improved your playing.

How would you describe ukulele history and what are the characteristics of the old instruments?

Why do you consider the ukulele to be the second most versatile violin? What can we learn from the ukulele?

Any other questions?

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