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“I get a lot of students who don’t know about the instrument, and they’re not getting the benefit out of their instrument,” says Mancini, president of his local organization, the Toronto String Tangle, which offers classes such as karaoke and piano lessons. The instrument’s relatively simple, he adds, so it only needs an enthusiastic teacher to get the students interested.

“We always get the most kids who come in for lessons,” he says. “They’re often new to music and want to learn.”

The Vancouver String Tangle has also seen a rise in its membership: its inaugural year was just under 35 individuals, but is up to more than 150 today. String, too, is still seeing a sharp rise as a solo instrument; only last year did the organization see anywhere close to the numbers that have been recorded in the past two years.

As a solo musician and solo instrument teacher, Mancini says that his main goal for the Vancouver String Tangle is to help people find, nurture and continue on a lifelong path towards developing the instrument in a personal and meaningful way. “Because of how important string is to everybody’s life, and just about everybody’s life,” he says, “I think that, as a group, string makes a really great place where you can connect and grow.”

A ‘good start’

That can be a hard concept to wrap one’s head around, especially for guitarists who are unfamiliar with string harmonica. The instrument itself is made of string, and, unlike harmonica or woodwinds, string is not made of wood. On his website, guitarist and musician Alex Lassila, who wrote “Harmonica Music of the Americas,” says that string harmonica is “an instrument of the last surviving classical and classical western music styles.”

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