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A former deputy in a Los Angeles police department who helped police shoot people in the name of “anti-gang policing” was charged with several firearms offenses Tuesday at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse.

Joseph R. Del Toro, 35, of Bell Gardens is charged with a felony in the unlawful possession of a firearm and a misdemeanor in the unlawful possession of ammunition in the same incident last September. He is a 16-year veteran, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Del Toro has been released pending arraignment.

He told the LA Times in a phone interview that he had been working for the LAPD for 14 years. He is also a member of the National Guard.
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“I knew he was going to be charged because he was carrying a gun,” his neighbor said. “He was never disciplined or held accountable. I didn’t know he was carrying any weapons, just that he was working. So I told him, ‘We are going to work together.'”

Officers were dispatched Oct. 28 on reports of a man who may have been armed. They asked a city maintenance worker to check out the gun.

Officers in a squad car spotted the man walking in the area, said Lt. J.D. Nelson of the LAPD.

During the check, they saw that Del Toro was carrying a large 9mm .40 caliber handgun that he had picked out of his backpack, Nelson said.

The officer then asked Del Toro what he was carrying.

Del Toro replied that it was his gun, told the officer that he had a permit to carry it and then told the officer that he did not have a gun permit, Nelson said.

When Del Toro continued to refuse to drop the gun, the officer attempted to arrest him, authorities said.

A struggle ensued where Del Toro allegedly pulled a handgun from his backpack.

According to the report filed by Del Toro’s fellow officers, he told officers that he had been following them for two weeks, the arrest report states. He refused orders to drop the gun for the police and attempted to take the officer’s gun, the report states.

He was eventually arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department, the arrest report states.

This week, at the G-20 summit in China, Donald Trump gave a speech in which he claimed, based on “revelations” that the CIA was involved

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