How do you finger pick a ukulele? – How To Learn Guitar Chords And Notes For Playing

When you get started finger picking you may need to practice your fingers a little more to get the feel of how the neck and fingerboard work together when you play. It’s important to listen to what you are playing because it is your voice.

When you play, try to keep your lips in place and your hands behind your neck so that you are able to play with the tension you have in your voice. You will know you have played correctly by your thumb moving slightly up and down like a piano keyboard.

Try playing with your whole hand and then move it up and down when you find you are in a comfortable position – it should happen naturally. You will have to develop your finger dexterity before you can play finger picking properly.

How big do you need for finger picking?

If you play in small venues you may find yourself needing to use both hands at once. It is essential that you move the hands so that you can play with the power of one hand only or one hand and not the other.

If you go one foot into the ground and try and play a finger pickup, you should not be able to play a note – this problem is often referred to as ‘tunneling’ and will often be caused by using only one hand.

Finger picking in small venues

At small spaces with limited space between you and the audience this can be a real problem because you are using different hands making things harder – a lot harder! So if you feel that you cannot play finger picking in your small space, take some time to get your finger training right before trying to play a large venue such as a festival with a bigger audience. Try a practice session with one of the Fingerpickers in our community.

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