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New York-based design studio Gosh has collaborated with the New York City Council on a project where it’s transforming unused buildings into living spaces using innovative design and technology. The result…is this incredibly well-designed apartment building in the city’s East Village.

Located on a triangular piece of land, it’s one of the more unique architecture projects New York has pulled off recently. The building has been designed to be modular in nature, as a means to create more social housing. “All of the different uses of the building will be open to the public, allowing for different types of living experiences based on what people want to make of the space,” the project reads.

To that end, residents will have access to the rooftop lounge and kitchen. With views of the nearby Brooklyn Bridge that overlooks an alleyway that connects to the block, this seems like a great use of a land unused to much public use.

This building was designed to be built in phases over eight years, and Gosh hopes to have a full apartment ready to go. Gosh’s website explains “the building includes a garden that sits at the center of the building, as well as communal restrooms with access to the rooftop lounge and kitchen.”

The space can be expanded to accommodate a second apartment should they find room. The design was created by architect Christopher Kostakis, who is a member of that group of New York architects that have been working to bring these ideas to life.

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WASHINGTON, April 14 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama will ask the federal government to do away with many of the regulations that require businesses to provide health insurance to their workers, his administration said on Wednesday.

“In his upcoming budget, President Obama will make the case that the U.S. has fallen short of meeting its health care commitment,” the White House