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On behalf of the American Red Cross, we wanted to say thanks to all our volunteer, community, and organization partners who have given hundreds of thousands of hours since April through April 2015 to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Through this crisis we have seen how much you and your community have helped us and we appreciate it. We have also learned a lot about how you and your organization are different from our other charitable organizations. Our biggest challenges have been getting donations to communities in the time we have known your organization. Also, it’s nice to see that as you work through this and other issues, you have been taking a proactive approach to help more people who need your help.

The Red Cross continues to receive great results on our donations website. We continue to see an increase in our level of donations. But as you might expect, we also need to do better. The Red Cross has made progress since our April 1, 2015, pledge, but not nearly enough to address our core needs. To ensure we can meet the needs that need our most attention, we will:

Build a donor infrastructure that can continue to give millions of dollars to organizations and people across the nation who need it to deliver much needed help to our nation’s most vulnerable.

Redesign the fundraising process on our website so that it promotes the need for donations not only during hurricane season, as many of you have noticed, but also in time of natural disasters such as floods, which may lead to longer and more expensive recovery.

The Red Cross will continue to monitor our online presence and will provide updates as they arise.

It has long been the consensus that the majority of people on the right are liberal, even on issues of gender and sexuality. But a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute indicates that perhaps far more of those on the left than on the right are actually moderate, even in their stances on social and economic issues—and that there are sizable groups of people on both sides of the aisle that have never met before that also fit into this category.

In a poll of 1,000 U.S. adults, PRRI surveyed participants who were likely to be liberal voters (like those in a previous Pew poll or among those who identify as liberal in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, for example). It then asked them to rank those political views on a scale of 1 to 10 according to how ideologically compatible that view is with the rest of the U.S. political spectrum (and according to

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