How can I learn ukulele chords fast?

If you are trying to learn chords fast, you don’t need to do any extra practice. Here are a few tips that can keep you playing guitar with no additional practice.

1. Use your left hand for finger placement

Even though it might be natural and logical to place your fingers on the strings that are below your fingers when playing guitar, the music you play will force you to do that more often, and that’s why if you make it easier to do, you will do some time more.

You can learn many useful finger placements in the first 2 weeks of music lessons.

2. Use your right hand

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Nowadays, when playing guitar, people usually use mostly their right hand for right hand finger placements (for example: when you play a C, you should use your right hand, if you play a D you should use your left). Don’t you think about that before you go for lessons?

3. Use your neck

When you’re ready to play hard melodies, you can play them just as fast with your neck. If you take your time to do this in your lessons, your neck will do all the work for you.

4. Don’t use your headphones. It’s a big bad for your ears.

You hear a lot of music on the radio these days, but you still need headphones to listen to that music. Don’t use headphones while learning guitar. Playing with headphones on while listening to something can kill your ears and the music will sound different because you’re not really hearing.

5. Practice your licks with the most common chords: D, A, Ab and G

There’s not much that you can learn with just the A chord. In fact, it’s usually the most common, and you will find it so often that it will be a habit to practice your notes with this chord when you are not using the fretboard. That’s why you need to do something if you want to improve your performance of guitar licks and chords.

6. Get a guitar teacher.

Most guitar teachers don’t have practice videos for all the songs you learn all the time. They usually only have the ones of the songs you are really good at to try to practice. But you need to learn the chords of the songs and the songs you’re really weak at in order to learn it quickly with a teacher.

7. Always have a good memory.

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