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I know I should have said I have no idea about this, but I’d really like to know what’s going on with the “Bugs Bunny” (actually, the Bugs Bunny in a more serious way) in the latest Simpsons animated film.

Why don’t they let him be a Bugs Bunny to begin with? (I’d be happy to help if I knew.)

In his book, “I Can Teach You To Be Rich,” a popular self-help book for young adults, Malcolm Gladwell describes the benefits of focusing on “the things that you can influence.” In the past, he cites as one of his biggest takeaways that a successful CEO can change their company’s performance through strategic changes, marketing moves, and acquisitions.

But when you combine Gladwell with the CEO world of a startup, he points out that he is actually an expert at “the things that you can’t influence.” Like, for example, the way a business is managed.

“If you want to change the way that a business is run, you have to change the way you’re managing it,” he writes. “In other words, you have to become both CEO and CEO’s chief engineer.”

When he’s not working on his next book, he’s one of a team of Harvard Business School students researching and writing about the startup world. Their research focused on startup-based management. They found that successful managers, on average, have a lot of knowledge and experience but little or no real leadership abilities. They often try to manage themselves out of roles that are in direct conflict with their role:

When we spoke, he was in the office of one of these managers, which was a tiny office. A few employees, mostly students, were sitting in the chairs in front of the desk. “Most of them are my age because I have to be,” he said. The manager was clearly looking for a reason to complain about a job he felt was doing the company a disservice.

The startup world has its own set of rules.

“To me, we’re a business,” said the manager. “We make a product. We can’t do everything.”

The manager told him about the startup, which had hired him. When I told him I was a reporter from The Tech Republic he seemed relieved. It seemed like he

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