Do guitar and ukulele chords sound the same? – Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners Opm

Read these lessons on how to get better at guitar and ukulele chords.

You are not a beginner: it’s time to get into chord charts!

There are many websites out there that offer chord charts and lessons for guitar and ukulele. If you have no musical background with chord forms or fingerings you may find it difficult to determine whether a specific finger pattern on a guitar works in a ukulele. Here are some resources to get you started:

TUTORIAL (PDF) – Guitar Chords with Pattern Chart

SINGLE COUGHLESS CHORD CHART. Use it to see how to play chords while practicing only the basic 4-string guitar chord shapes! This sheet is in C major with a D-G#-B-E#-G#- D.

TUTORIAL (PDF) – Single Chord Chart

2-string Ukulele Chord Lessons

You can take advantage of this free Guitar Chords 2-string Ukulele lessons. Take the following lessons in order to be able to play all of the basic 4-string guitar chords in the key of C major. You can use any of the scales below as long as there’s no sharp or flat at any position of the chords.

TUTORIAL (PDF) – 2-string Ukulele Chord Lessons

Percussion Chords

It’s often difficult to know the right amount of bass notes to use for any specific solo. So, one of the best ways to get around this problem is learning drum rhythms to add extra dimension to a session!

If you’re working on a track solo, or just need to get into the groove of a piece, jam into a drum circle for five to ten minutes. Set up your drums, bring in some bass to help add some drama (or whatever the mood might be), and add in some beats to the song… and you have yourself some bass and drums on the fly.

Tutoring with Drum Circle

Take a quick look around at your drum kit and see if you can get a groove on those little sticks. If you can’t find any drums that fit the theme, then think of something else. Maybe you have a drum kit that has all of the right drums for your tune, but if it can’t match some of the music on the record (or just don’t like it) then it’s time to take

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