Can you play any song on ukulele? – Learn To Play Ukulele Free Video Maker

If yes, any tune? What’s your favourite song on the ukulele?

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Sitting outside in our backyard, I can see a clear sky in front of us. The sun is shining brightly. The sky has a faint green tinge around it, showing clear air in the background and clouds with a little black streak through them. I am looking at my home in the centre of the picture, and from the trees I can see several other homes around me. My dog, Charlie and I are walking into my backyard. I look over my shoulder to check the direction of the blue sky, knowing that it’s all just a bit further up the hill and would be impossible to see in the distance.

I pick up Charlie who is sitting on my shoulder. He stops playing music and sits down next to me. This is a rather unprofessional setup.

As I watch the sun going down, I am reminded of a poem by Samuel Johnson, which I think speaks perfectly on the power of the light. A small bit too close to the sun, it will burn you up and make you go mad. But what a place a little bit out of the sun.

He begins his poem, ‘A lamp’s fire makes me warm… The sun, a gentle fire,

A soft flame of light on my breast, that keeps me warm.’

The poem speaks to me in a very personal way. When I talk about light, I think of my parents. My mother is a fire kind of girl, and she is quite a light around me, but then again she is also quite a dark person. We used to be very close. She was always the last to leave the house, and even though she tried her best to live her life without me, she would go to work that morning looking after my father, knowing that he would soon be home, and that he loved my mother. We lived together for many years, and she would still be looking after my father, even if she no longer lived with him, even though she now could be far more far away in a city far away. So if it wasn’t for him, I could never feel good in my own skin, even if I used to.

I had the feeling of my heart, and when my mother was talking to me about my father’s passing, I wanted to jump up and hug her for as long as I could, but she was still in shock and wouldn’t let me near her without running

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