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(music from Youtube)

(music from YouTube)

I’m trying to tell you this is a big thing happening here. Just like you were saying it was already happening to the people on the ground. It’s happening everywhere. There are now so many other people with these instruments that have become all too common. This is an incredibly popular thing. People can now make money with it.

Also, there are those who do it without a ukulele. How do people who make money with guitars do it?

All instruments have their uses, of course. I’m always going to do what I like. But there’s no reason why those people shouldn’t make money with it. We’re trying to make sure that the ukulele has more value, at least in my eyes.

I’ve made a whole YouTube series about my struggles to make it as an aspiring musician/songwriter. It’s all about helping others find their way. And for each episode, I go behind the scenes of what I need to do in order to reach out, as well as how I deal with it and move forward. I also interview some of the other musicians from the ukulele community here.

I’ll be playing a few of these as we talk. And while this is a very personal post, I wanted to mention a couple of things of mine that are just as personal.

-I believe I am a better artist by not looking down. The more stuff I put out there to try to be more popular, the more I’ll need to focus and concentrate on my work.

-I believe I am the artist who has not taken the time I have been given to become more popular. That’s all. I won’t let anyone ever take anything away from me.

I appreciate anyone who read this posting to whatever level. Thanks for listening.


UPDATE 2: I actually have a podcast where all my music and interviews are recorded. It’s called a kiwifruit. I think it was called ukulelekonwala.mp3

UPDATE 3: I recently did ukulele and accordion cover videos with some amazing ukulele/accordion playing by some great artists:




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