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This has happened to me on numerous occasions and I just don’t know.”

If we take this seriously, we need to start accepting that most of us are not in tune with the way the music in our heads plays out. What I’m going to ask you in this post is if you can identify what the problem is in your day-to-day experiences of “not singing in tune”. We are not simply the ones who don’t know the correct music scale, but are also the ones who live with it and find it difficult to tune out the music we perceive to be different.
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Is your wife a vocalist? You have probably never had to explain to her why you can’t sing properly. She’s probably a great singer, but your problem is the fact that we don’t really know why we can’t. If you think you have the answer yourself, then just ask yourself “What makes my voice different from hers”? Is she a singer? Are there specific vocal cues that make her singing or playing a specific way? Is she speaking “up”, a la Karen M. Smith, or is she singing in a way we can’t hear? Is her voice louder or softer? In this case, it is not your wife who is speaking up, but you.

Is your friend a singer? Again, your problem is that we don’t really know why we don’t. If you are a musician and can tell me exactly what it is that can make you sing or how a particular vocal technique makes or breaks you, then get to the lab!

Do you understand that some musical instruments, such as the banjo, do not require us to tune out any part of music? Does that include the music we hear when we are speaking in our heads? The “loudness war?” This, too, is probably an example of tuning out: Why am I unable to hear what my wife and I hear? What exactly are you going through?

What do you mean when you say “tone”? Is it the sound on the note that is called the tonne? I don’t know exactly what you mean by tonne if that’s the question you are asking. But the truth is that if you’ve chosen a particular instrument that we perceive it as being more “dark or sharp” than many others that use that same note, then the tonne is, to a certain extent, the same. If this sounds like a stretch, please ask yourself what tones can be distinguished. Is this

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