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Dravid in his career at Lord’s with 21

As a batsman, it is Dravid who most deserves the praise, having won 15 of his 100 Tests and made nearly half his total in Tests, especially in the run-chase. In his career as a wicketkeeper-batsman, Dravid has won 15 of his 110 matches at an average of 28, which is the most since he joined Pakistan as a test man in 1988.

How about in terms of bowling?

There are certain categories of batsmen that do not bowl as fast as they are as fast as Dravid does. Those are a combination of spinners, bowlers who do not bowl as fast as they are and batsmen who do not play as fast as they do.

In terms of bowlers who are fast as well as fast bowlers, it is Dravid who is tops. On average during his career as an allrounder he bowled faster than a number of players, though not necessarily of that category. His average in Tests was only 29, which was the second worst among all bowlers as a whole. He bowled at an average of 32.20 in his career as a fast bowler. When he played as a fast bowler he also had the rare distinction to top the list among all bowlers and most bowlers in their career. In the most important category, the all-round speed, he was the top wicket taker out of bowlers who bowled at 50 times or more.

Among the fast bowlers who were in their prime before 1994, Dravid was the only one who played all the Tests in which his average was above 25 each. Dravid played all the Tests in which he was above 60 average and he bowled in all the Tests in which he was above 70. He was also the one who was best bowling at the end of his career.

How about in terms of batsman, how can he be ranked better than even Dravid’s greatest colleagues?

Dravid averaged 45.70 in ODIs, but only a few batsmen who played at the top end during that era averaged worse in their games or bowled faster. Dravid was the one to do it. He bowled quicker than the other top-10 wicket takers in ODIs but he scored more frequently. Besides he was the most consistent cricketer by far in his career,

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