Which key is higher C or G? – Learn Singing Bollywood Songs

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Note that I do not cover changing the beat of the music, or doing it fast or slow; that is covered in the next chapter of this article.

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For now, let’s just focus on changing the key of your music. Here’s how I would describe it:

For most songs, the easiest way to change the tempo is to alter the key of the music. There are a few exceptions, but the easiest way to do it is by changing the key at the beginning of the song.

Here’s an example of how this works on different songs:

1. Start a song that’s already in the key in both the verses and the chorus; it doesn’t have to be the same song.

2. As you’re going through the song, notice the beginning of it and start playing a note or two in a different key. This will help make the song faster, faster.

The next time you start a song, notice how fast your playing becomes; notice how fast there is an increase in tempo. If this same note is played in the key of C, then the song will have a C tempo.

This key change will be repeated with each verse and the chorus, and eventually will be done with each song you play.

This method will help you to get the most out of your songs. If you do this properly, you will be creating a music that will not be stuck in a beat.

Now you can go into more technical methods. Here is a video of me demonstrating a technique that I call the “Hip Hop Switcheroo”.

1. Add two chords to the chord progression in your song, and use two chord scales between the two chords.

2. After the song starts, play either the chord progression or the two chords. Switch them.

3. When you are finished with the song, take note of how much faster the music is in your new key.

What is the difference between changing the keys and changing a chord progression?

In a previous article we looked at the most common ways of changing a song’s key.

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