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The larynx is located between the neck and ear canal and is usually situated at the lowest point of the upper neck on the front of the neck. It is a very important organ because, unlike the rest of the body, it is not able to produce sounds when something is pressed against it. It is also the only organ in the body that cannot be affected by sound damage or even loud sounds, as it is usually completely normal. However, if the vocal cords are damaged or destroyed, the larynx cannot produce sounds normally and the person can suffer from a variety of symptoms, including aphasia, which can be caused by a loss of a lot of vocal cords.

Locate The Larynx Larynx
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What causes the vocal cords to be damaged? As you know, the voice box plays a vital role in producing speech by vibrating your vocal cords. When your vocal cords are damaged, however, these vibrations lose their effectiveness and the voice does not speak. These sounds are often described as a “cluck” or “scream,” but it is not actually a sound that you can hear. If your vocal cords are damaged, your mouth, throat and nose may not be able to open properly, thus causing your voice to not properly communicate as you can still understand what you have said. When your vocal cords do not work properly, many of your fellow citizens may have difficulty understanding you.

Where are the vocal cords located? The vocal cords are located in the front of the larynx with their tip at the top. The neck of which they are located is connected to a part of the back called the vocal fold. The folds are connected to the head by small bones called ligaments because they act as part of the structure to hold the head in place and protect the neck. The larynx is an extension of this area, and in order for this to happen, a portion of the vocal fold called the tympanic membrane (TYM) must be removed from its position between the vocal folds and the neck. This removal is usually done with an incision called a laryngeal incision (LAN for short). The vocal folds and the rest of the larynx are then separated with a thin flexible flexible thread that is called the plicatus. The plicatus is inserted through the nasal cavity and is a soft tape that is held on the side of the lower lip. The larynx is then closed in order to close the airway properly and

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