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The larynx is located near the lower neck. Below the belly button the larynx is located near the middle of the throat. The larynx starts in the middle of the upper ribcage and extends back to the neck.

What is the difference between a “normal” voice, and a loud voice?

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A low voice means that the words and sounds are too loud for the audience to understand. A high voice, however, means that the words and sounds come more naturally and make you more noticeable to other people. The lower the voice, the more apparent the difference between a low voice and a high voice.

How do I make my voice louder?

The loudest sound you can make is through the use of a microphone or a speaker, in other words, you want the right amount of sound. If you want to make your voice slightly quiet, then you need to use an EQ and/or boost.

Are there any special techniques we can use to make our voice louder?

Techniques to increase your voice volume are:

Excess air can be breathed, or it can be compressed to make it sound less like a throaty voice and more like a high and throaty voice.

The “lift” technique (see How to lift a loud voice )

) The “thump” technique (see How to thump a high voice )

) The “whistle” technique (see How to whistle a high voice)

is an exclamation from the top of the tongue. When a bell rings or the person yells, there is a chance that an increased voice volume may indicate an impending bell or bell-ringing event.

Does the higher my voice is, the louder it will sound?

It depends on the content and the amount of loudness, or amplitude, that the listener responds to. There are some people who will respond differently to a high than a low voice.

Is my voice lower than when I was younger?

Yes, in youth a voice that has a higher pitch will sound more ‘young’ in comparison with an older voice.

Is it normal to have a low voice sound like a child’s voice?

Yes, if the voice has a low peak that begins as a child’s, it sounds like that child’s voice. However, you will know when to stop recording a low voice if you are in a young adult.

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