What note is higher than C?

Most notes below C are played in F mode and most notes between C and E are played in A mode. Some notes may be used as accents and others will be used to create a rhythm or to give a sense of tension or release.

All note values may also be viewed as relative to a reference note. For example, when we look at the pitch chart for the A chord in a major key, the reference notes are C and Eb , the highest pitches are C major and C major (whereas A is in all but the highest octave). In this way, it is possible to play both notes at the same pitch, e.g. C major and C major (A)

How to play a C note

To play a C note, just play the key of C and then you can use your middle finger or thumb to go up and down the scale. However, remember that you should always hold the two notes that you are using in your hands in the same position. So, if the G chord is in A mode, the lowest note that we can play is G major.

What is an altered C sound

When playing C as an altered chord you will get a different sound than that which we heard for C. In fact, many times the chords which are called altered Cs actually have the lowest note of each string played in the C major scale, so the only difference is the speed of the movement.

So the C diminished (C diminished) chords of the C major scale are just C diminished chords.

You will also hear a variety of chords which are played from an altered C scale. An altered C sound can be created by altering the C major and C# minor chords to an altered C scale and the above C major chords can be used to create an altered C sound.

How to play a minor C chord

As with any minor C chord, you can also play this chord by simply raising or lowering the C major and C# minor chords.

How to play an augmented C chord

You can also use this same process you had with a C diminished to play an augmented C chord, just substitute C# for the Cmaj7b9 chord from the C Major scale. So the C major scale would be augmented by a C# and the C# minor scale would be augmented by a C.

How to play an dominant 7 chord

An augmented C chord can also be created by playing a