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It has nothing to do with the name of the instrument but rather is the name for the note E.

We are used to thinking of “one-two chords” in terms of this “tone” (the “natural mode”), but, in fact, these are essentially two different sets of chords (one of them just with a different name). The interval between them is called the “natural” or “natural” minor 3rd , which, we’ll see, is just the 3rd of G major, a.k.a. the “root note” or “Root” of the scale. It does not contain any of the other 6 notes we have used to think of as “minor” (i.e., root note). The first chord is E major and the second is D minor; note that the last chord in this progression is the E minor chord (Gmaj7). The “root” chord of each musical scale is called the “Major” chord (E,G,D)

The basic “key” for this composition is Major. As such, if you are unfamiliar with this scale, you should start by learning the “G” and “D” chord scales.

When you come to learn this scale, you’ll probably want to start with chords of minor thirds. For example, I’d like to write a short song (e.g. “A New Beginning”) in minor third.

The first thing we need to do is to find a C major chord. We’ll do this with a minor scale. For this exercise, let’s write a short blues in C major.

C Major Blues = I Got You Babe

We’ll just find a C major (E5) chord, and we’ll use it as the “root” of the chord.

C Major Blues = E5

To begin playing the songs in this composition, we’ll start with playing the first chord on the piano. Remember that we are going to use a C major scale, so you’ll have to pick up the C major chord.

C Major Blues = E5

Now that the C major chord is in our hands, we can work to play the second chord. It needs some “practice” before we can begin to “feel” it like the others, but it’s really not that hard.

C Major Blues = C5

Once we have the C chord in our hands, we can play the following three songs

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