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It’s been a long time since a big name artist has released an EP and the last one was a pretty big deal, but then it was on a 4 piece with no real support and it cost them money so they never went live. Now the other artists who have some of the biggest names out there, like the Alchemist, DJ Premier, etc. have put out EPs and EPs are selling, but the price of it has gone up by a lot. So if you’re just looking for a more affordable (or cheaper) release you might want to look elsewhere (in my opinion, the Alchemist was out of my price range the first time around so if it’s still a little bit out, I’ll probably look at buying one).

I’ll keep this quick; this is a 4 piece on some other artists that have made some big name artists, but it’s really not to the same level as all the big names out there.


01. Tribute feat. The Daptions [Explicit]

02. Feel It Coming [Explicit]

03. We Own The Night [Explicit]

04. I Want You Back [Explicit]

05. Take Me to the Sky [Explicit]

06. My Baby [Explicit]

07. Get Ready [Explicit]

08. Get Up [Explicit]

09. All of the Above [Explicit]

10. I Used To Hold Your Hand [Explicit]

11. Take Me to the Sky [Explicit]

12. Tribute [Explicit]

13. I Never Thought I’d See You Again [Explicit]

14. Take Me To the Sky [Explicit]

Macam-Macam-Ada: Vtech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower
15. My Baby [Explicit]

16. Tribute [Explicit]

[Grammy nominated remix]

Tribute [Explicit]

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We’ve had many great games this year, but the best and most enjoyable were the indie indie games.

This was very much my intent as I wrote this article and now I’m seeing many people have a problem with my choice. A lot of people think the “indie game” label should be reserved for the indie games that you play

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