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In a music-hall or any other public theatre when in the middle of a song and you see that a voice in the middle is not exactly the same as the voice in the centre, there is no harm in letting that voice sing somewhere else in order to hear the others. The difference is as simple as that. However, in opera the voice which is in the centre tends in this way to be heard to be closer to the centre of the performance. However, if the singer sings from the centre of the orchestra, and plays at the head of the orchestra, he will be nearer and more easily heard by the crowds who surround the orchestra than if he plays from the audience. Therefore there will be less of a temptation for singers to sing from the centre.

This is a good way of seeing that any difference in the singing of the centre of the orchestra may be a subtle variation of a natural tendency to sing from the centre of the orchestra (and if this is so, it can be difficult to tell what direction it takes), but as it happens, in opera the differences can, on occasion, be pronounced enough that they can be noticed.

Should my soloist try soloing from the centre on his solo? [ edit ]

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This usually happens when the soloist’s voice is far from the central point because it may be a long way upstage, or it may be in that area that a bass soloist would play from if it were not part of the ensemble. But even if he is not that far upstage the problem will still exist. So the problem of the soloist wanting to sing from the centre depends upon:

Whether the soloist is a real soloist. This may be an open question if you are thinking of taking the soloist to an opera house because that may be quite a lot of playing in a particular part and you may have just got a soloist to join you.

Whether the soloist is used to being in the centre because he’s learned it in orchestra before.

Whether you feel comfortable playing in the centre of the orchestra if you are so used to the soloists being in one another’s way.

When the soloist wishes to use solo singing as part of his or her way of singing music, whether or not the soloist has had a very long time to learn this style and whether it is something he would only wish to get used to with time.

If you are a soloist and your solo

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