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The key of love is love: love is the only cure for all diseases, except disease of the soul, and disease of the body. So also the key of our church to be found is the key of love. We all have it—in, out and round.

I will never forget you, sweetheart. I will never forget your innocence, your love of God and charity for others, your joy when you were at school and when you were still very young. And as I loved you, so do others love me. For, whatever we may say against each other, one thing is certain: whoever loves loves. He loves because he recognizes, as he sees, that the one who loves is God. All those who are loved are loved.

And if you do not love me, God will not love you. You will be lost. You will be in trouble, and you deserve it. But I, if you do not love me, if you do not love me, God will not protect you from me. You will be sad without me. So, my dear, I ask you: do you love me, Mary?

The Answer is Yes! And more importantly, the Answer I want you to offer is to love yourself with the same passion that you love this world.

Dear friends and family, I have seen more light in the world, and have seen how much joy is everywhere—in all my people, in a thousand places. Now I ask you to remember me and, above all, do your best that I continue to be at your service. May God bless you.

I know that now you are listening; but there are so many people, so many thoughts about me, that I cannot speak all at once. I will only talk about the most important, my heart’s desire. I want people to know that you have had such a wonderful Christmas Eve, and that this year our family has a lot to be grateful for. What else could it be?

Now we turn our attention to all that we have to be grateful for, and that is God.

May we be so grateful that the Lord has placed us here, that he gives us so many opportunities, as a people, to help to bring about his kingdom. And if we help to bring about His kingdom, then the gift of the Father, the gift of Christ, and the gift of all the holy things within us, will begin to come back, which will be a great blessing

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